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Medical Transcription Services

Why is Medical Transcription important?

Medical Transcription kottayam, kerala
Speedy and Appropriate care

By referring to the medical records and also noting the results of their examination of the patient the physicians(s) can provide the best and safest possible treatment and care.

Vital proof for a legal case

An accurate medical record is a vital resource in favour of the physician concerned should a case of malpractice be lodged against him.

Up-to-Date details

The patient’s records may have to be passed among nurses, physicians and others. All these people would get the latest details about the patient’s health and treatment provided.

Allows proper medical billing

If the insurance carrier finds the information in the medical record satisfactory enough to entitle the physician to his payment, they would duly pay him.

Medical Transcription cochin

At Bitwissend we have Experienced medical transcriptionist who have Sound Knowledge in advanced medical terminology. They Transcribes accurately, utilizing correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, and edits for inconsistencies.As timely transcripts are important for proper patient care, we take only minimum
turnaround time for transcribing documents.

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