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Bitwissend DairyChief is a dairy management software developed for Dairy Business. Whether it is a small scale or large scale industry DairyChief is your best partner for your Dairy Business. Using this application client can able to enter their Products, sales order and invoice,  as well as Distributor and Supplier management and able to generate reports based on routes, date, distributors etc .Due to the variety in the dairy products, it has now become a business which is expanding day by day. So in order to manage it well, we have designed this application which will help the clients in managing its business smoothly. This application will save your lot of time and leads to very less chances of human errors.

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Route Management

Bitwissend DairyChief is built with Route management feature where user can able to add Route information and Distributors comes under those routes thereby making user easy to generate route wise reports.

Proper Sales Order and Invoice

It will help to keep proper Dairy management system by generating sales orders and thereby sales invoice on it. If customer pays advance payment of payment due it will be properly marked and if any damage happens it will also be deducted.

Detailed Reports

As it is a web application the management team can take reports from home, office, mobile wherever he goes. You can get comprehensive reports on Distributors, Routes, Sales orders and invoices, Damages and many more.

Damage Management

DairyChief comes with Damage Management feature where user can able to keep track record of Damage/Leak caused while transporting on various routes thereby generating accurate sales invoice details.

User Friendly Interface

DairyChief is designed with a user friendly interface.This dairy management System is a web application designed to work perfectly with all versions of Windows, from XP to 10, so that you or your company can start invoicing quickly and efficiently.

Assign Permissions

DairyCheif is enabled with permission management. The administrator can set permissions for the users depending on there roles. So that the user can only access the forms they are intended for.


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